BlockList Project

The BlockList Project aims to empower users by enabling them to select the lists they want to include in their preferred ad blocker. This community-driven initiative strives to improve the online experience for all.

Take complete control over the URL blocklists you use

From the ground up we have built a project that allows you to take complete control over the URL blocklists you use. We have made it easy to add, remove, and update blocklists. We have also made it easy to share your blocklists with others.
Free and open source
All lists are published under the 'unlicensed' license, so you can use them anywhere
Text Based Lists
For easy of use, all lists are text based
Multi Compatible
Our lists are compatible with many different adblockers, including AdGuard, Pi-Hole, and more
Building Blocks
Want to create your own list? We have made it easy to do so with our building blocks. Feel free to fork our lists and make your own!

Most up to date updates, additions, and remove requestes

We track all changes to the project on GitHub, so you can see what we are working on and what is coming next.